Dr. Dheepeka's

Implant & Orthodontic Center



Why Dr.Dheepeka’s Dental Care ? Listining to the patients Dental complaints patiently,arriving on a Diagnosis quickly,educating the patient about present Dental condition and preparing Treatment plan with all available options and Explaining about the Treatment outcome and cost.

Bringing Excellence to Your Dental Health

Root Canal Treatment

Expertly saving and restoring damaged teeth, relieving pain, and preserving through precise procedures and care.

Fillings & X-Rays

Swiftly detecting dental issues with comprehensive X-rays, followed by precise restorations.

Crown & Bridge

Custom-made restorations that seamlessly replace missing teeth and strengthen damaged ones.

Teeth Whitening & Cleaning

Brighten your smile with professional whitening, complemented by thorough cleaning for a dazzling appearance.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhance your smile's aesthetics with personalized treatments, including veneers, bonding, and gum contouring.


Achieve a straighter, healthier smile with modern braces or aligners, tailored to correct misaligned teeth.